About Stacks

We started in 2018 by looking at streetwear not purely as a mean of fashion, but also as a canvas for art. As a brand we are passionate about bringing the most thought-provoking designs that blur the lines of innovation and sarcasm. We are deeply committed to making sure that each garment leaving our design studios is exceptionally unique.
Our vision is rooted in the past and has a strong connection to the 90’s aesthetic, it is reinvented into the modern world with nods to the current trends, icons and styles. We are daring, provocative and irreverent, we don’t look at anyone in the eyes and we believe in always having a surprise factor in the small details. Stacks is a premium streetwear brand whose main focus is to provide groundbreaking designs and unique materials.
Stacks is unisex, timeless yet contemporary, it is designed for people who want to stand out in an effortless way.
Here at Stacks we have a strong sense of belonging within the brand, like a tribe that shares the same visual identity, our garments have become a uniform to express individuality and strong personality by belonging to the same clan.
We also love collaborating with artists who inspire our outlook on fashion, each season we strive to outdo ourselves and challenge the ordinary.